Winter 2014 The Weight is Over Cleveland Competition Winner.

Debbie was the top winner losing 25% of her body weight. She lost 39 pounds in 12 weeks and won $25 for every pound she lost.  She weighed in at 117 pounds and took home $1,000.00. Debbie and 9 other contestants were awarded makeovers compliments of SouthPark Mall and were featured models in SouthPark Mall's Fashionably Fit Fashion Show at the Awards Finale on Saturday April 5.  


Here is what she had to say:


This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I would love to see many more people participate because I know they would gain so much from this program. I want to tell everyone how great this weight loss program is. When I went to sign up I said right off the bat that this would force me to put my money where my mouth is. I wanted to take the weight off but was having trouble finding motivation. This contest will gave me accountability as well as many incentives to take the weight off!


Throughout the competition I had the support of weekly emails and challenges to keep me on my toes. If you follow through with these challenges, it will give you something to focus on for the week as well as receiving support from Julie and the other contestants! I found it important to keep up with both exercise and eating healthy. You have to do both in order to succeed in your weight loss goal. Find an exercise that you enjoy and truly commit to doing it daily. I used my elliptical daily as well as videos that worked different muscle groups. I would put my running shoes right by my bed so I would have it in my head that as soon as I got up I would be working out.


Eating was a little harder for me. I love to eat and hate passing up treats. I decided that the results I wanted as well as trying to win this contest was more important then the temporary satisfaction of that dish of ice cream. I did allow some wiggle room one day a week which got me through the other 6 days. Take it meal by meal, plan your day out so that you are not out and grabbing fast food or junk. You can do it and it will get easier as you see the number on the scale getting smaller.


The biggest thing I can say is go in full force with no excuses allowed . A lot of people say they do not have the time to work out. I say that is nothing but an excuse, if you truly want this you will find the time. I have 5 kids including a 10 month old. I would go to bed early instead of TV watching at night. I would then get up very early and workout for hours before my kids got up. Find the time in your schedule, it is there. You just have to find it and then go for it.

The last tip I will leave you with that really motivated me is to make yourself a check off chart. I wrote down every day of the contest and would write down the exercise I did every day and then would cross that day off as a day of success! You will see your progress and countdown to the finale. The finale is what to strive for. I imagined the finale and wanted to win and that kept me motivated to keep going.


The top 10 get makeovers which are unbelievable! I was made over which made me feel like a princess. Being able to show my family all my hard work was the best feeling! When Julie announced me as the winner I started to cry and was beyond happy. All of those hours I put in and the sacrifice was worth it for that moment.


If you need to loose weight do this competition. It is so worth it. You will have support as well as find an inner strength in yourself that will change your outlook on life. The true prize will be in seeing those pounds slip away and discovering a whole new you! You can do this, work hard, stay positive, and keep focused! Summer is coming and you will be able to wear your favorites and be proud!



Debbie Festa LOSS: 39 25%

Joe Camera LOSS: 54 19.5%

Dal Miranda LOSS: 37 18.6%

Ed Zeitz LOSS: 55 16.8%

Julli Beauchamp LOSS: 45 15%

Theresa Kiser LOSS: 61 13.7%

Jada Koushik (35) LOSS: 24 13.6%

Rachel Meyrose LOSS: 21 12.4%

Stephanie Garthrite (45) Loss: 35 11.7%

Kimberly Miranda (32) LOSS: 19 10.6%

Alitra Scott LOSS: 29 9.6%

Martika Martin LOSS: 13 7%

Dawn Ungerer LOSS:10 5.5%

Jillian Scott LOSS: 9 5.2%

Marge Kelley $406 DONATION

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