Rachel Meyrose LOSS: 21 lbs 12.4%


I really enjoyed winning the makeover. It is always nice to be pampered and it was fun to have a nice reward after working so hard. The girl at Master Cuts and the workers at  Bare Minerals were all so great and friendly. I loved getting to know the other contestants better, everyone really did look so great. I already used my gift card to The Limited and was able to buy a cute red dress, a new pair of jeans, and a new shirt for $62 (I love finding good deals). After using my gift card, I only had to spend $12. Would have loved winning first prize, but I like how the top 10 people all got makeovers and gift cards. Knowing that it wasn't an all or nothing kind of thing, kept me motivated. I am a competitive person and this contest really helped motivate me and get back in shape. Excited about continuing on this path of a healthier living. I hope the next round of contestants finds success!

Dal Miranda LOSS: 37 18.6%

Kimberly Miranda (32) LOSS: 19 10.6%


Everyone looked amazing!!! Would I do this again? 100% Yes, but hopefully I do not have too because I am at a good weight and hope to maintain what I have accomplished. Would I recommend this to others? 100% Yes and I already have....

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